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Our Services 

Contract Distilling

EUS specializes in contract distilling services provided to DSP Licensees, Brand Owners, and Investment Funds.  The EUS team includes 24-hr production management, sensory analysis & blending, logistics (in-house truck fleet), hazmat handling, & a full-time compliance staff.   

Contract Services Include:

  • Recipe Development / Recipe Matching
  • Whiskey Barrel: Produce, Fill, & Store  
  • Bulk New Make 
  • Bonded Storage 
  • Bulk Compound Gin 
  • Specialty GNS production 
  • Lab and sensory analysis 
  • Bottle Co-Packing

Barrel Storage

American Whiskey is the fastest growing alcohol in the world and suffers from a unique production challenge - it must be aged. This aging requires storage in large rickhouses that cannot be located in most urban areas. Therefore, EUS has developed a rapidly growing whiskey storage program around the Rocky Mountain region. 

in-house logistics

EUS effectively services bulk spirit customers by offering a fully licensed hazmat, in-house trucking fleet. Let us take the headache out of third party logistics: 

We Offer:

  • Hazmat Dry Van  
  • Hazmat Box truck w/liftgate
  • Barrel Transportation  
  • Bulk Tanker 
  • Rail Car (GNS only)
  • Hot Shot