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Co-pack Canning & Bottles

If you’re thinking about scaling your production and need to put more dollars into sales and marketing, our co-packing services may be the perfect fit.  EUS specializes in designing, sourcing, receiving, filling, packaging, and delivering RTDs (ready-to-drink) products whether you are a new business or national brand.  Our experts represent several decades of co-pack experience and have partnered with the best suppliers to take you from good idea to a great tasting product.

Bonded Area & Rickhouse Storage

Distilleries across the county face strict local regulation on the storage of bulk ethanol due to its hazardous material rating.  EthanolUS provides an affordable solution to this problem by offering bonded area storage for whiskey barrels and any bulk beverage alcohol overflow to licensed DSP holders.  Every EUS storage facility is TTB approved, insured, and properly equipped to keep your spirits safe until they return to where they came from.

Bulk Volume Breakdown

If you are a large plant or online distributor / broker of ethanol who needs a facility that can receive denatured and undenatured product to break down into 1 gallon, 5-gallon, 55 gallon, and 275 gal quantities you’ve come to the right place.  EUS offers a breaking-bulk ethanol service into either recycled or new plastic containers.  This procedure utilizes safe and environmentally friendly transfer equipment manned by a highly experienced team. All plastic containers leaving our facility are sealed after a thorough quality inspection and can be branded with your company logo free if additional charge.

Recipe Development

Have an idea for a distilled spirit recipe but lack the skillset to make it correctly?  Our recipe development team consists of several master distillers and blenders with decades of experience combined.  The team has been responsible for creating products that have been awarded the highest recognition in the industry; a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition on several occasions.

Hazardous Material Shipping

EUS has internal hazmat truck drivers that will deliver within the following states:

  • Colorado
  • Wyoming
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota

We offer this service to local customers to help reduce shipping costs and increase delivery reliability.

Distiller’s Co-op

The value chain in the supply of bulk spirits is as cold as ice.  Distillers have zero input on the type of products being offered nor do they have visibility on where the contents originated from.  Need a representative to recommend a use or technique to enhance your user experience, think again. 

EthanolUS is changing the way the bulk alcohol supply chain works with “Libex” – a distiller’s cooperative.  Membership in this co-op includes opportunities for bulk production financing, customer input surveys that affect our product catalogue and an annual producer conference with great educational and networking opportunities for customers.  Bulk purchase of alcohol is necessary for growth.  Now it can be a more valuable experience.

DSP Members. 

Earn an annual 3% reward on qualifying purchases of bulk beverage product.  Must have valid copy of TTB Basic Permit and a valid payment method set-up in the customer dashboard.


First year $100, Annual Renewal $50